Playtest FAQ

Why are you running a playtest? 

There are a few reasons: just like an author needs an editor, game developers need playtesters. When you work on a project it can be easy to make assumptions about how the game feels to a fresh player. The feedback we get from playtesting is essential in order to deliver on our intended experience. The other main reason is that we’ve been hard at work on WOFG! for a while now, and we know what we have right now is fun and funny. It’s gratifying just to have it out in the world in some form. Seeing other people enjoy it is a huge motivator for us. 

How do I join the playtest? 

We are running our playtest through our SQYD Discord server. All you have to do is join the server and fill out a short playtest intake form.
Click this button to join us on Discord.

Wait a form? What’s up with that? 

We are trying to get an idea of the minimum system requirements needed to run WOFG! The form is mostly for collecting information about the systems playtesters are running WOFG! on. There are also some questions about how you plan to playtest (control preference, can you test local multiplayer, etc.) The whole thing is 12 questions long and will only take 5 mins to fill out. 

We are not collecting personal information for marketing purposes. We will not use your information for any purpose other than to support the continued development of WOFG! during the playtest period.    

Why are therE limited playtest seats?

We’ve decided to limit the playtest to 200 seats for the time being. This is mainly because we don’t have great tools in place to capture player feedback. As we are still early in development we need to make sure that interaction with our playtesters is manageable.   

Is the playtest time limited?

No. Any playtest build you download is yours to keep and play as much or as little as you like.    

Will I be able to play the game after the playtest ends?

Yes! We are planning to release a version of the final playtest build as a free demo on both Steam and after the playtest ends.  

Will you be updating the playtest build?

Yes. We will be uploading new builds monthly for the duration of the playtest. You can see our plans for the next build (and our deadline) on this page here.  

What are the minimum system requirements to run the WOFG! Playtest?

We don’t know! That’s part of the reason for the playtest. Early testers have been able to run the game on a wide variety of PCs and we are still trying to figure out the low end. We welcome any and all PCs and if the game doesn't work that’s just good data for us.      

What about other operating systems MacOX/Linux? 

Currently we don’t have a good way to set Unix permissions on our executable. So only the playtest can only support windows for now. We hope to solve this soon.