Physics-Based, Turn-Based, Mayhem-  with Goblins.


Watch Out For Goblins! is still in the early stages of development, but we are running a playtest though our SQYD Discord server.
All you need is a PC. 2-4 players can play hotseat with a single gamepad. Keyboard and mouse are also supported.

If you would like more information about the playtest you can read a Playtest FAQ by clicking here.
If you are interested in being a playtester click on the button below to join the SQYD Discord server. Thank you!

What's next for WATCH OUT FOR GOBLINS?

We are actively developing WOFG! and are planning to support our playtest with monthly builds showcasing our progress. You can read more about our current development objectives by checking out our Alpha 2.1 Development Roadmap.


If you love the Watch Out For Goblins! and want to help us achieve our vision, consider joining the Watch out for Goblins! Discord. You'll be able to speak directly with us about the game, as well as communicate with other fans. Help us build our community and spread the word!