Roadmap to Alpha 2.2 

The WOFG! Alpha 2.2 build is all about animations. We want lively goblins, with more motion- because that means more physics chaos. Since our goblin’s movement is all powered by the root motion of its animations, working on our animator also means working on our character controller! We want movement to feel fluid- with minimal loss of control when your goblin gets knocked down or pushed around. Planned launch date for the Alpha 2.2 is Thursday, October 26th.

For more information about the WOFG! Playtest click here.   

Must Have For 2.2 

Directional stagger animations- for when goblins get pushed around.

Landing animations- for when gobs land on their feet.

Slide/Stop animations- to sell when the player is fighting against their gob’s momentum.

Directional jumping animations- to better communicate what way a goblin is about to jump.

Air control animations- to show the player which way their gob is rotating. 

New forward run and forward sprint animations- because we have a need for speed.

Nice to Have For 2.2 

Pickup item animation- for snappy responsive item pickup.

Dynamic look at IK- let’s get goblins looking at interesting things happening nearby.

Shoulder check animation- for when a sprinting goblin is about to run into something.

Struggle/flail- when you pick-up another goblin they should freak out and start struggling. 

Experiments For 2.2 

Dropkick!? Jump again in the air to kick your goblin’s feet and give them a muscle boost. Might be fun.

Arm swing- when you press triggers without an item equipped the gob swings that arm. Slap goblins, brain them with a fence post, or pick them up and shake them around.   

Climb- when a goblin encounters a steep slope they can climb and hang off it, assuming they aren’t carrying any items.